INFO4310 Schedule

Over the course of the term we will slowly populate this schedule with slides, readings, and activities. These pages are mirrored from the course GitHub repository to a GitHub page using a submodule. For helpful links, refer back to the course home page.
You can find procedures for presenting a paper and leading class discussions on Piazza in this document.
Those who are not presenting must post a response to all reading threads on Piazza for before midnight on Tuesday. See more here.
As you may be unfamiliar with reading and working with academic papers, here are some different perspectives on how to read them.

We will engage in a number of different classroom activities throughout the term. Please refer to this legend:
Lecture: Discussion: Design activity: Critique:

Week 1 Introduction
2-Sep Course Introduction Recording Slides Survey
4-Sep Critique some visualizations Instructions Whole class
Week 2 Getting started
7-Sep Server setup Notes Recording HW1 assigned
7-Sep d3 refresher Prompt Notes
9-Sep Introductory Framing File: Discussion leader:
Tufte, Edward. The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, Chapters 1 & 2
(no discussion posts)
Link 1, 2 Jeff Rz.
11-Sep Design within constraints Instructions Random Groups
Week 3 Interactions
14-Sep d3 Interactions Prompt Notes Recording
16-Sep Visualization interactions File: Discussion leader:
Heer, J. & Schneiderman, B. Interactive Dynamics for Visual Analysis. 2012. Link
Yi JS, ah Kang Y, Stasko J, Jacko JA. Toward a deeper understanding of the role of interaction in information visualization. 2007. Link
18-Sep Interaction brainstorm Instructions
Week 4 Direct Manipulation & Linked Views (Multivariate)
21-Sep SPLOM + Responsiveness Prompt Notes 2 3 4 Req. Recording Optional 1 & 2
22-Sep HW2 assigned
23-Sep Founding Papers File: Discussion leader:
Ahlberg C, Shneiderman B. Visual information seeking using the filmfinder. 1994. Link
Spence R, Tweedie L. The Attribute Explorer: information synthesis via exploration. 1998. Link
24-Sep HW1 due by 12:00PM (noon) EST
25-Sep HW1 critique Instructions
Week 5 Overview + Detail (navigation)
28-Sep O+D in a plot Prompt Notes Recording
30-Sep Navigating visualizations File: Discussion leader:
Shneiderman Ben. The eyes have it: A task by data type taxonomy for information visualizations. 1996. Link
Bederson BB, Hollan JD. Pad++ a zooming graphical interface for exploring alternate interface physics. 1994. Link
2-Oct Geo + Network Design Brainstorm Instructions
Week 6 Focus + Context (Networks)
5-Oct F+C using DOI functions Prompt Notes Recording HW3 assigned
7-Oct Distorsion & DOI File: Discussion leader:
Lamping J, Rao R, Pirolli P. A focus+context technique based on hyperbolic geometry for visualizing large hierarchies. 1995. Link
van Ham F, Perer A. “Search, Show Context, Expand on Demand”: Supporting Large Graph Exploration with Degree-of-Interest. 2009. Link
8-Oct HW2 due by 12:00PM (noon) EST
9-Oct HW2 critique Instructions
Week 7 Perception & Cognition
12-Oct P&C overview File: Discussion leader:
Ware, Colin. Information Visualization: Perception for Design. Chapter 5 Link <Sign up x2>
14-Oct No class
16-Oct Synchronous OH, Asynchronous lecture Recording Server directory
Week 8 Color
19-Oct Visualizing color survey data Prompt Notes Recording
21-Oct Color studies File: Discussion leader:
Heer, J. & Stone. Color Naming Models for Color Selection, Image Editing and Palette Design. 2012. Link
Liu Y, Heer J. Somewhere over the rainbow: An empirical assessment of quantitative colormaps. 2018. Link
23-Oct Designing for time (streaming music) Instructions
Week 9 Multi-touch & Mobile
26-Oct Event & gesture reading Prompt Notes Recording Project assigned
28-Oct NUIs File: Discussion leader:
Lee B, Isenberg P, Riche NH, Carpendale S. Beyond mouse and keyboard: Expanding design considerations for information visualization interactions. 2012. Link
Rzeszotarski JM, Kittur A. Kinetica: naturalistic multi-touch data visualization. 2014. Link
29-Oct HW3 due by 12:00PM (noon) EST
30-Oct HW3 critique Instructions
Week 10 Animation
2-Nov Principles of animation File: Discussion leader:
Lasseter J. Principles of traditional animation applied to 3D computer animation. 1987. Link
Robertson G, Fernandez R, Fisher D, Lee B, Stasko J. Effectiveness of animation in trend visualization. 2008. Link
4-Nov Custom transitions (asynchronous) Prompt Notes 2 Recording 2 3
5-Nov Project milestone due by 12:00PM (noon) EST
6-Nov Milestone feedback/critique
Week 11 Tortured by Text
9-Nov Wikipedia design brainstorm Instructions
11-Nov Text is challenging File: Discussion leader:
Viégas, F.B., Golder, S. and Donath, J., Visualizing email content: portraying relationships from conversational histories. 2006. Link
Chuang, J., Ramage, D., Manning, C. and Heer, J., Interpretation and trust: Designing model-driven visualizations for text analysis. 2012. Link
13-Nov Visualizing text Prompt Notes Recording (optional)
Thanksgiving Break
Week 12 Expertise & Personalization
30-Nov Social sharing & collaboration (slides) Recording Slides
2-Dec Novices File: Discussion leader:
Lee S, Kim SH, Hung YH, Lam H, Kang YA, Yi JS. How do people make sense of unfamiliar visualizations?: A grounded model of novice's information visualization sensemaking. 2015. Link
Huang D, Tory M, Aseniero BA, Bartram L, Bateman S, Carpendale S, Tang A, Woodbury R. Personal visualization and personal visual analytics. 2014. Link
3-Dec Project milestone due by 12:00PM (noon) EST
4-Dec Project milestone critique
Week 13 Accessible Visualizations
7-Dec Sonification Prompt Notes Recording Bonus
9-Dec Accessibility Projects File: Discussion leader:
Choi J, Jung S, Park DG, Choo J, Elmqvist N. Visualizing for the Non‐Visual: Enabling the Visually Impaired to Use Visualization. 2019. Link
Swaminathan S, Roumen T, Kovacs R, Stangl D, Mueller S, Baudisch P. Linespace: A sensemaking platform for the blind. 2016. Link
11-Dec Improving a visualization Instructions
Week 14 Demonstrations
14-Dec Project demos and critique
16-Dec Project demos and critique
Final Project Submission
21-Dec Due @ 11:59PM on December 21st