In-class activities for April 8

Pre-recorded lecture for today is posted. I'll be finishing the second coding lecture this afternoon.

Check out the documentation for d3.force and the subsection for available forces

Compare and contrast these two examples of the same dataset. What trends/insights do they both convey well? What does one highlight better than the other? Which is more usable? What places might lead to mistakes/misunderstandings?>

Example 0: Les Miserables force-directed graph

Example 1: Les Miserables adjacency matrix (be sure to use the pull-down menu to re-sort)

We will critique each of the following examples individually. As usual: In what ways are the visualizations effective? How are they ineffective? If you had to make one change to improve them, what would it be?

Example 2: @mentions and retweet network by Electome (thanks Sophia)

Example 3: Marvel Character Map (thanks Theresa!)

Example 4: Interactive map of global trade