Prompt for February 19

Project 1 has started up! Make sure that you submit Milestone 2. Also, if your mentor does not have your Github repo and all TAs cannot access it, then will be unable to grade your project.

Check out Professor Mimno's project showcase from a past iteration of INFO3300. There are some interesting projects there that might inspire you.

Today we're looking at data joins. There are now two different ways to do a data join in d3.
This page demonstrates the "new" way to do joins.
While another page demonstrates the "old" style of join.

If you're still confused about why we used translate in the last class, Mike Bostock has a handy page discussing chart margins.

HTML for today:

Data join demo:

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Code for today, pt1:
Code for today, pt2:
// ----- Helper functions for today's lesson -----