Prompt for Monday, January 27

HW1 is available on Canvas. No extensions will be offered to those on the waitlist. If you can't access Canvas, contact the staff email address.
Sign up for CampusWire. The signup PIN is 2702.

Several INFO classes are participating in a Cornell-wide effort to improve classroom experiences. As a part of this project, we are taking baseline readings through a short survey quiz. This quiz is UNGRADED and I will not have access to your individual answers. Participation is voluntary.
If you choose to complete the survey, you will be awarded 10 points of extra credit on HW1. Access the survey here. Survey closes at 6PM on Wednesday.

You can access these files from the course Github repository Here is an informal guide to git.

To develop efficiently, have a local web server running. Python has a simple, built-in server. Use python -m http.server for python 3; use python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000 for python 2 (execute python in cmd for version number).

We will be working in Javascript for most of the term. It can act pretty oddly, especially in comparison to languages that strictly type objects.
What are some of the unusual aspects of this language? Open a console in your browser...

Time permitting, let's review Javascript Object Notation.

Code for today: