Visual Channels Challenge

The challenge for this week is to visualize AS MANY VARIABLES AS POSSIBLE on one chart. You will visualize the toy dataset I have provided.

Using your own creativity, try to show as many variables as possible from the dataset while maintaining clarity. You can employ the example marks and scales I've provided below to get started.

In order to receive extra credit, you must visualize AT LEAST 5 different variables in one chart. Submit your answer to CMS in the form of a .zip file containing your own HTML and a copy of the dataset. Add a P tag listing your visual channels below your chart so that the grader can see that you've used at least 5. Submissions will be graded for completeness rather than quality, and the "best" ones will be highlighted in class.

You must turn in your final version before 11:59PM on Friday, April 10 in order to receive credit.

Example HTML: