Prompt for February 18

Project 1 has started up! Log in there to find your teammates and project instructions.
We'll have mentors out later this afternoon on Campuswire. Don't forget about milestone 1 tonight.

Check out Professor Mimno's project showcase. The project this year is similar enough to Prof. Mimno's from past years that these examples ought to be useful. (Note: we have past years' and will be comparing it to submissions from this year)

Homework 4 is out on CMS! Due next Wednesday at 11:59PM.
Homeworks 1 and 2 will be returned this afternoon.

Please observe the Cornell Code of Academic Integrity. CS has a guide on academic integrity which might also be useful.

Mike Bostock has a handy page discussing chart margins.

Learn more about d3 line smoothing choices.

HTML for today:
Code for today, part 1: