INFO3300 Schedule

Over the course of the term we will slowly populate this schedule with slides, readings, and activities. These pages are mirrored from the course GitHub repository to a GitHub page using a submodule. For helpful links, refer back to the course home page.

We will engage in a number of different classroom activities throughout the term. Please refer to this legend:
Asynchronous day: Synchronous day: Synchronous day that can be viewed asynchronously:

Week 1 Introduction
8-Feb Intro Lecture Slides Recording
10-Feb Intro Javascript (coerced into a snafu) Prompt Notes Recording Optional GIT tutorial
HW1 assigned on CMS
12-Feb Visual Channels Slides Recording
Quiz for the week is located here
Week 2 JS + SVG
15-Feb JS Events & Functions Prompt Notes 1, 2, 3
17-Feb Intro to SVG Prompt Notes 1, 2, 3 Optional web tutorial
HW2 assigned on CMS
19-Feb Brief history of analytics Slides Recording
HW1 due by 11:59PM (midnight) EST
Quiz for the week is located on CMS
Week 3 Intro D3
22-Feb Intro to d3 Prompt Notes 1, 2, 3
24-Feb d3 bar chart (scales in d3) Prompt Notes 1, 2, 3
HW3 assigned on CMS
26-Feb Color theory + models Slides Recording
HW2 due by 11:59PM (midnight) EST
Quiz for the week is located on CMS
Week 4 Making a Scatterplot
1-Mar d3 basic scatterplot (importing data)
HW4 assigned on CMS
3-Mar d3 fancy scatterplot (labels & hover)
Project 1 assigned on CMS
5-Mar Visual Perception
HW3 due by 11:59PM (midnight) EST
Week 5 Enter, Exit, & Update
8-Mar d3 joins (old & new style)
HW5 assigned on CMS
10-Mar No class - Wellness Day
12-Mar d3 line plots
HW4 due by 11:59PM (midnight) EST
Week 6 Customizing Charts
15-Mar d3 line plots (interactivity)
17-Mar d3 lollipop chart
19-Mar Geographic visualizations
HW5 due by 11:59PM (midnight) EST
Week 7 Choropleth Week
22-Mar d3 choropleth (hooray geoJSON)
24-Mar d3 choropleth (projections)
HW6 assigned on CMS
26-Mar d3 choropleth (dots & interactions)
Project 1 submission due by 11:59PM (midnight) EST
Week 8 Fancy Layouts
29-Mar d3 density vis (contour, density)
Project 2 assigned on CMS
31-Mar d3 emergent layout (bubbleplots)
2-Apr Network Layouts
HW6 due by 11:59PM (midnight) EST
Week 9 Network Diagrams
5-Apr d3 network layouts
7-Apr d3 chord diagrams
HW7 assigned on CMS
9-Apr Multivariate Visualizations
Week 10 Interactivity
12-Apr 3D d3 day (a.k.a. 3-don't)
HW8 assigned on CMS
14-Apr Human-Visualization Interaction
16-Apr client/server patterns
HW7 due by 11:59PM (midnight) EST
Week 11 Recreating HomeFinder
19-Apr d3 homefinder (query manip)
5100 Project assigned on CMS
21-Apr d3 homefinder (direct manip)
HW8 due by 11:59PM (midnight) EST
23-Apr No class - Wellness Day
Week 12 Overview & Detail
26-Apr No class - Wellness Day
28-Apr d3 pan+zoom
HW9 assigned on CMS
30-Apr Project 2 Demos + Critique
Project 2 submission due by 11:59PM (midnight) EST
Week 13 Challenge Visualizations
3-May d3 text vis
5-May d3 raster vis
7-May Animations & storytelling
HW9 due by 11:59PM (midnight) EST
Week 14 Putting it all together
10-May d3 color survey (live updates)
12-May d3 animated color vis
14-May Physicalization & Access
Final Exam/Project Submission
TBD Due some time between May 19-25