Notes for September 28

Today we'll play with some 2020 election data. We will examine how many individuals in each US state correspond to a single electoral vote in the US Electoral College (a measure of the importance of each person's presidential vote) and add in 2020 results to show whether there are any disparities. Data were sourced from the US Census and the MIT Election Lab. There are some serious caveats associated with the "power" measure we're creating. You'll find much better ones online that take into account the fact that in some states a vote is much more likely to "tip" from one candidate to another, regardless of electoral vote count. We're going to do a rough pass and no more than that.

To do this, we'll make a lollipop chart inspired by a past INFO4310 project. These charts are a bit controversial because the "lollipop" end has a center that's hard to discern compared to a bar. On the other hand, we're going to have 51 vertical items, so a bar chart would be quite... intense visually.

As a part of this process, we'll push data joins a little bit further and add some interactivity.

HTML for today:
Code for today: